Friday, September 24, 2010

What a day!

You'll never believe what happened!

It happened yesterday while my human, her sister and I were walking to the shops to buy some hay for the Three Little Pigs. Guinea pigs go through a lot of hay - they eat it and sleep in it - so this happens more often than any of us would like. But yesterday I didn't mind as this meant an extra long walk for me!

Anyway, there we were, walking along, next to a main road, minding our own business when suddenly our path was blocked by a strange, orange thing with two legs, big claws and a beak! My human's sister said something like, "Oh my god! A chicken!" What's a chicken? I had never seen such a thing before and I didn't like the way it kept walking towards me, tilting its head this way and that. Then I noticed two more of the things in some bushes by the side of the road! Well by this stage I didn't know who or what I was, let alone what they were.

As you can see, I am still recovering.

My humans kept exclaiming and cooing and laughing because the three feathery things came right up to them and allowed themselves to be petted and picked up. They were clearly used to being handled so my human thought it likely they had come from someone's backyard rather than a farm. She decided to knock on some doors to see if the chickens had escaped from any of the neighbouring houses. No one answered.

Mi casa es su casa, Chickens!

My humans were worried the chickens would run onto the road, which would not only result in them becoming chicken schnitzel but would probably cause a big accident in the busy intersection. So they made the decision to take the chickens home. I was so excited! I could finally chase them around the yard and maybe even grab a mouthful! But alas, my excitement was short lived as both Iris and I were unceremoniously shoved into the garage! Hmmph! No fair!

Let me at them! Let me at them!


I mostly get to watch them from the window or behind a fence but they don't seem all that great. All they do is dig, poop, eat things off the ground and follow my human around. Well, I can do that too! Worst of all, they've taken over our whole backyard. This morning they were on the balcony and, as my human was helping me write this post, one of them jumped up on the outer window sill!

At least I'm not the only one who has been displaced by the arrival of the walking drumsticks. Apparently, chickens need to sleep in a coop and the closest thing to a coop in our yard is the Three Little Pigs' house. Hehe! The hay we bought for them sure came in handy!

EDIT: We've found the chickens' owner! Some pretty intensive leafleting paid off and their owner is coming to pick them up later today. Good thing too; there's only so much chicken poo one backyard can withstand. Plus, I think 5 animals in one backyard is quite enough, though my human disagrees.

Love, Oscar and the gang + 3 Chickens!


  1. Chickens are funny! I'm glad you all looked after them until they could be reunited with their family.

  2. Our dear friend Oscar and humans! Oh my, we can see your very confusing expression. What a story. We're very happy to see these chicks were looked after so well at your place then moved back to the owner. Happy ending is good!!

    Thanks so much for giving us an award!!! We'll proudly post it on our blog!!!!

    Momo & Pinot

  3. Hello from SINGAPaw Oscar!! Thanks for leaving the sweet message on my blog. Hershey and I love getting to make new friends..

    Ok back to those chickens.. We haven't seen a chicken before, at least not a live one walking around and with feathers and all. The only chicken we are familiar with comes in a tray from the supermarket. Looks hugely different from those ones in your pic!! (Your chickens look like they are fun to play with whereas our chicken is delicious.. heehee).

    THANK YOU for the award too...

    (((Hugs from your new friends, Huskee and Hershey)))

  4. Oh Oscar - my human is squealing with delight 'coz she loves chickens! She would love to keep some as pets if she could. She likes the way their heads keep bobbing when they walk! :-)

    I thought you were very brave with those chickens. I think I would have been really scared!

    Honey the Great Dane

  5. Wow! You are soooo lucky Oscar! I wish I had 3 little chickens of my own! (Even if only for a little while) I'm glad you found the owners, if I was lost I would wish someone would take me home and find my people too!