Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Walkies along Mullum Creek

Well! We've had quite the welcome since landing in blogland. Thank you so much for all your comments and kind words, you've made us all feel really welcome. A special thank you to Honey the Great Dane who introduced me to all her friends on her blog.

All the humans in my house have been sick this past week and they've fallen a bit behind with making sure I get my favourite thing in the whole wide world: WALKIES! I get so excited when I hear the word that I jump up really high and run round and round in circles all the way to the box where my leash is kept. Sometimes I even whimper. My human takes advantage of this to get me to pose for photos. That word ALWAYS gets my attention, no matter what delicious smell or fun toy is in my vicinity. So if you're wondering how she got me to stand in a field, face alert and looking at the camera, that's how. Just remember, when you're admiring my pictures, that an innocent doggie was mercilessly duped for your entertainment! My human is even planning to make a video of my crazy walkies dance to post on here. How mean!

See how good I am at posing?

Anyway, because I haven't been out of the yard much over the past week my human and her sister decided to give me a really big treat and take me to one of my favouritest places: the Mullum Creek Trail! There are always lots of doggies to meet and LOTS of very interesting things to smell. There's lots of mud and slimy things I can roll in and there's even a section where I can go offleash.

Are we there yet?

Here we are! Pretty, isn't it?

I had a really great time on my walkies. I met some doggies through a fence, though I've noticed doggies aren't very friendly when they meet you that way. I tried to tell them I didn't want to get into their yard (truthfully, the park was much lovelier) and invited them out to play, but they weren't interested. Luckily I met a group of doggies with their humans who were much friendlier and we played a little. One of them was very forward with me and well...I just didn't like him in that way. So I ran away!

Oh hello!


So, all in all my walkies were a load of fun and more than made up for my human's laziness this past week. Now I'm going to go curl up in my human's lap and nurse her back to health!

Love, Oscar and the gang

Friday, July 16, 2010

Introducing the Three Little Pigs!

Evolet: Why are we last? We’re always last! Just because we can’t run up to our human when she gets home and lick her to death….

Neytiri: Not that we’d want to…she’s big…and loud...eek!

Jazzy: Squeak!

Meeting Jazzy for the first time.

Evolet: We live outside too. It seems to be a common theme. Just as well because we’re not too fond of being ogled and taken out of our cage into the…the…OPEN!

Our hutch under the lemon tree.

Neytiri: Yeah, I much prefer the smell of the grass that’s just out of reach downstairs.

Jazzy: It’s so mean to keep the door closed so we can’t get down! Our human even weighed down the door with a brick.

Evolet: We thought we had our human fooled. How dare she try to lock us in our hutch? We are herbivores! We must graze. All. The. Time. If we don’t have grass to chew we’ll chew the hutch itself. Which is actually how we got the idea in the first place…

Neytiri: Yeah…we chewed a little hole in the door to the ramp and suddenly we could see grass!

Jazzy: Squeak!


Evolet: So I stuck my nose right in there, SHOVED it up and slipped under. Grass!

Neytiri: It was quite perfect really. We had a lot of fun seeing the stupefied look on our human’s face. She always muttered that she could have sworn she’d seen us in the run downstairs yet when she reached the cage we were all chewing innocently on the hay upstairs.

Jazzy: And…thinking we hadn’t gotten any grass to eat all day she would give us more!

Evolet: I don’t know what gave us away….

E, N and J were here '10.

Neytiri: But now there is a brick blocking our way!

Jazzy: Squeak!

Evolet: Anyway, I’m Eevee…the boss of the brood. My human says I’m very confident and talkative, and not as much of a scaredy cat (pardon the pun! The cat sure is scary!) as the other girls.

Neytiri: I’m Neytiri and I’d rather be in a small dark space than out in the open. I'm Evolet's twin, but not identical (I have a big white patch on my face!). My human calls me the vibrating pig because, if I’m the centre of attention, I vibrate! When Jazzy joined us a couple of months ago, Evolet and I fought over who got to be her adoptive mother. We chased eachother around the cage and even bit eachother!

Jazzy: And I was sometimes in the wrong place at the wrong time! But finally Neytiri won the fight and now she’s my mummy! Evolet still gets jealous sometimes and I suffer the consequences. Boy, her teeth sure are sharp! Anyway, I’m Jasmine and, according to my human, I’m still semi wild. I run away from her and squeal as though I haven’t eaten for weeks for absolutely any reason.

Evolet: So there you have it. You’ve now met all of the brood. Needless to say there are lots of girly hormones in our household!

Oscar: Just a friendly reminder from our human to store the bits and pieces of things you've been feeding your animals out of reach of children....or grown up humans for that matter. My human was feeding Jazzy a strawberry to put her in a good mood before her bath and left it on the kitchen bench when Jazzy had had enough. Then my human's mother, thinking it was one of her human pups who had chewed on the strawberry ATE IT ALL UP! Uh oh! She made a scary face at my human...but then couldn't help laughing at how silly the whole thing was. Crisis averted!

Jazzy getting her bath.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Introducing....Iris, the Queen Bee (or Wannabe?)

Well…my annoying little brother has been pestering me about introducing myself to the…let’s see…zero readers of this blog. Pfft! Who wants to hear about the butt sniffing, private-area licking and girly yelping of that smelly mutt? “Small, white and fluffy,” my tail! More like scraggly fur, tinged with whatever he’s managed to roll in on any given day!

I am doing this for three reasons only:

  1. As a public service – everyone has a right to know that a higher intelligence exists. Here I am! You have been worshipping false idols! But it is not too late for redemption – I accept tuna and Mastercard. Have your people contact my people about making offerings.
  2. Because, if I don’t, Oscar’s pitiful blog will get no readers and then he will return to pestering me into playing the endlessly fascinating game of Chasing One’s Tail.
  3. Because there has been some suggestion that I am a tub of lard. I resent the insinuation! I am no such thing! This is simply my winter coat. It has grown fuller and thicker over the years as the humans insist on denying me access to my rightful bed, in the master bedroom.
Things I hate:
  • Baths...
  • Too many others to mention.

You will pay for this human...

Things I like:

  • Eating.
  • Sunning myself in the garden bed, preferably on strawberry leaves or freshly planted flowers.
  • Staring at the guinea pigs in their run. I am told they are my sisters…but that’s just until they try to escape…then, they are lunch.
  • Messing with my human’s head: dashing past her when she’s walking in the backyard at night, climbing up on the second story windowsill when she’s watching TV, asking to be let in then dawdling outside in the rain until she gives up and comes outside to pick me up, getting wet in the process. What fun!
  • Swiping my annoying little brother (tee hee!).
  • Punishing my human’s failure to pay me proper respect: turning my back to her and staring at an empty wall for hours or until she repents. And offers tuna.
  • Eating.
  • Sleeping.
  • Eating.
So there you have it mortals, the leader of the household has deigned to introduce herself.

Oscar: *cough* *cough*


After/Food zombie is watching you....

Allow me to introduce myself....

Me at 2 months.

Ok, let’s be honest…I am really cute. I’d just like to put that fact out there in the blogosphere. If you’re after a dose of cute, you’ve come to the right place. My human says I can also be a little naughty…but really, it’s not my fault if socks from the Clean Socks Bag are the perfect weight to toss around the room or if plastic bottles that fall out from the recycling bin are the perfect shape to gnaw on. In fact I am certain that all the objects in my domain are my playthings and the world is just a big playground made especially for me! I love life and everything in it (except having to sleep in my own bed at night…oh!…and baths!). My human always complains that I am a fussy eater but really, that’s just because I would rather be where she is than where my food bowl is. Who has time for food when there’s playtime to be had?

The king (that's me!) surveys his domain from his cushiony throne.

I’m actually not fussy at all. I was born in the country and ran around in the dirt with sheep until I was two months old. I slept outside, ate whatever and encountered all manner of creatures. My human says that, actually, she’s very lucky because I’ve never been anxious, aggressive, destructive and can entertain myself for hours while she’s at uni. So apart from cute I’m also pretty cool too. In fact, I'm the only "small white and fluffy" I know who sleeps outside! (It's an outrage, just quietly, but I put up with it.)

Where I'd rather be sleeping.

I’ve been trying to get my human to start one of these blog things for ages so I can follow the adventures of other doggies all over the world and maybe make some friends. I live with a cat, Iris, who is 7, and three guinea pigs. I’m sure they will want to hijack my blog sometimes – especially Iris, she thinks she is the boss of everyone. I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures!

Love, Oscar