Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Allow me to introduce myself....

Me at 2 months.

Ok, let’s be honest…I am really cute. I’d just like to put that fact out there in the blogosphere. If you’re after a dose of cute, you’ve come to the right place. My human says I can also be a little naughty…but really, it’s not my fault if socks from the Clean Socks Bag are the perfect weight to toss around the room or if plastic bottles that fall out from the recycling bin are the perfect shape to gnaw on. In fact I am certain that all the objects in my domain are my playthings and the world is just a big playground made especially for me! I love life and everything in it (except having to sleep in my own bed at night…oh!…and baths!). My human always complains that I am a fussy eater but really, that’s just because I would rather be where she is than where my food bowl is. Who has time for food when there’s playtime to be had?

The king (that's me!) surveys his domain from his cushiony throne.

I’m actually not fussy at all. I was born in the country and ran around in the dirt with sheep until I was two months old. I slept outside, ate whatever and encountered all manner of creatures. My human says that, actually, she’s very lucky because I’ve never been anxious, aggressive, destructive and can entertain myself for hours while she’s at uni. So apart from cute I’m also pretty cool too. In fact, I'm the only "small white and fluffy" I know who sleeps outside! (It's an outrage, just quietly, but I put up with it.)

Where I'd rather be sleeping.

I’ve been trying to get my human to start one of these blog things for ages so I can follow the adventures of other doggies all over the world and maybe make some friends. I live with a cat, Iris, who is 7, and three guinea pigs. I’m sure they will want to hijack my blog sometimes – especially Iris, she thinks she is the boss of everyone. I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures!

Love, Oscar


  1. Hi Oscar - how nice to meet you!! I'm so so glad you finally left me a comment - see, I never know who is reading my blog unless they leave me comments and it's SO nice to know that people ARE reading my posts! :-) - so I'm glad you've come out of lurking. And even better - that you've got your own blog now! Yay! Then I can come visit you and keep up with your adventures too! :-)

    And yes, I agree - you are one big dose of CUTE! :-) But I like the fact that you're going against the "small white fluffy" image and showing that such dogs can be 'REAL' dogs too and not just handbag accessories! Good on you! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Hi Oscar!

    Nice to meet you! Our names are Lexi and Jasper, we are Great Danes! :)

    You are so very cute! I(jasper) has a slight obsession with little dogs, I much prefur to play with them than big dogs - I'm very gentle and even lye down on the ground so I'm not as big!

    We are both looking forward to following your blog and hearing about your adventures!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  3. Hi, Oscar.

    Yep, you sure are cute, but it's great that you don't intend to trade on that, lol, and that you are a 'down and dirty' dog. Given that you said you can entertain yourself while your human is at uni, I'd love to read about a typical day. Maybe you can give Penny a couple of tips about how to pass the time when we're not there.

  4. Nice to meet everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog and making me feel so welcome!

    Parlance, I will hopefully do a post about a typical day some time next week when my human has a bit of a holiday.

    Hope you're enjoying my blog!