Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Walkies along Mullum Creek

Well! We've had quite the welcome since landing in blogland. Thank you so much for all your comments and kind words, you've made us all feel really welcome. A special thank you to Honey the Great Dane who introduced me to all her friends on her blog.

All the humans in my house have been sick this past week and they've fallen a bit behind with making sure I get my favourite thing in the whole wide world: WALKIES! I get so excited when I hear the word that I jump up really high and run round and round in circles all the way to the box where my leash is kept. Sometimes I even whimper. My human takes advantage of this to get me to pose for photos. That word ALWAYS gets my attention, no matter what delicious smell or fun toy is in my vicinity. So if you're wondering how she got me to stand in a field, face alert and looking at the camera, that's how. Just remember, when you're admiring my pictures, that an innocent doggie was mercilessly duped for your entertainment! My human is even planning to make a video of my crazy walkies dance to post on here. How mean!

See how good I am at posing?

Anyway, because I haven't been out of the yard much over the past week my human and her sister decided to give me a really big treat and take me to one of my favouritest places: the Mullum Creek Trail! There are always lots of doggies to meet and LOTS of very interesting things to smell. There's lots of mud and slimy things I can roll in and there's even a section where I can go offleash.

Are we there yet?

Here we are! Pretty, isn't it?

I had a really great time on my walkies. I met some doggies through a fence, though I've noticed doggies aren't very friendly when they meet you that way. I tried to tell them I didn't want to get into their yard (truthfully, the park was much lovelier) and invited them out to play, but they weren't interested. Luckily I met a group of doggies with their humans who were much friendlier and we played a little. One of them was very forward with me and well...I just didn't like him in that way. So I ran away!

Oh hello!


So, all in all my walkies were a load of fun and more than made up for my human's laziness this past week. Now I'm going to go curl up in my human's lap and nurse her back to health!

Love, Oscar and the gang

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  1. Oh Oscar - those are stunning pictures of you! My human plays a similarly cruel trick on me, you know, when she wants me to pose nicely (especially to stand with my head up and ears perked forward, so I look more majestic) - she says "Where's the cat?" and then I get all excited and start looking everywhere...isn't that mean?!

    I have to say - I am SO impressed with your attitude as a little dog (well, really it's the great way your human has brought you up!) - it's just so refreshing to see a "little white fluffy dog" being allowed to behave like a "real dog" and do real doggie things - instead of being scooped up and carried everywhere and protected from everything like a human baby in a fur coat! I wish more small dog owners were like your human!

    That looks like a great walk! Hope you get to go on another fun walk soon! You must introduce us to all the walks in your area on your blog! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane