Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Snow Monkeys!!

When my human was asked what she would most like to do in Japan she said, "See the Snow Monkeys!!" She thought you might enjoy this video of the day she finally saw them. It was snowing heavily and bitterly cold but she said it was all worth it to tick something off her bucket list. (The other things she ticked off her bucket list while in Japan were seeing her favourite whale - the Beluga - and going to Disneyland! :P)

P.S. That's my human (with the yellow umbrella) getting blown away!
P.P.S. About half of the clips in this video were shot by my human's ex-boyfriend. Thanks Myles!

Love, Oscar and the gang


  1. Snow monkeys are so cool! I wonder what they were looking for to eat in the snow? I'm glad they have a place to get warm!

  2. Those snow monkeys look like alot of fun!

  3. Hi Oscar! Teal'c from Sydney here...
    My mom is in a "I miss the snow so much" mood and really enjoyed the snow monkey video. :)

    Thanks for stopping by at my bloggie and purchasing calendars!!!!!! That is really pawesome of you and your gang :)

    Slobbers Teal'c

  4. Ohhh our mom LOVES Japan (mainly the scenery, food and shopping!!!!). It's such a clean and pretty country with super polite people! Ok those monkeys do look like a lot of fun... the snow looks lovely.

  5. Oh my God - that is AMAZING!! What a wonderful video! NOw my human wants to go to Japan and do that too!! (And gosh, we never realised there was THAT much snow in Japan!) The monkeys look adorable! Were they friendly & tame? Were you allowed to go near them?

    Hey - seeing beluga whales is on Hsin-Yi's list too!!!! Now she's got to add these monkeys to the list! :-)

    Thanks for an awesome video!

    Honey the Great Dane

  6. Wow that was amazing! We think the music went perfectly! :) It was so cool to see the water running through the snow and the monkeys just sitting htere foraging for food!

    Hehe you definately have to see Beluga whale! Our human has seen them a few times now - they are definately amazing :)

    We can also relate with the Disneyland thing...our human LOVES Disneyland - she has been there 4 times....and wants to go again!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes