Monday, January 17, 2011

Summer update!


Sock Zombie here!


Sock, I am going to eat you.

Mmmm...fresh, juicy sock, a la Oscar!

I've been so so busy lately. I will be writing about my summer-time adventures in a series of themed posts to come, but for now I just wanted to quickly update you on some of the things that I've been up to recently as it's been a while since I've checked in with all my blog friends.

I've been doing more walking on Mullum Creek trail. I love it because I get to do two of my favourite things:

Posing prettily and...

making new friends!

These days really small, submissive female doggies are the only ones I'm not scared of. My human says it's getting ridiculous and embarassing so I have to start going to classes at the RSPCA. My human was quite dilligent about socialisation and when I was younger I was the friendliest, most confident doggie around. Then, around a year or so ago, I got attacked by a big doggie who was off-leash on an on-leash, narrow trail walk and had run away from his owner. It was lucky my human's dad was there or I would have been dog food as the big doggie didn't even stop to sniff my butt and went straight for my neck!

Then, a few months ago, my human and I were just walking down a nearby street, when two smaller doggies saw us from the other side of the road and squeezed under their fence and ran out growling mean things at us! That was the first time my human was actually scared of a doggie. She's walked all kinds of dogs at the RSPCA, even ones who don't like humans very much, but never had she seen such mean, aggressive doggies. Even worse, because there were two of them, they riled eachother up! My human scooped me up and just barely avoided having her legs shredded. I was so scared and, of course, because she was scared too (with good reason!) I became even more scared.

Since then I have become more and more timid with strange dogs and sometimes, if they look really intimidating, I will yell out some nasty things at them first so they know not to mess with me. Well, my human said that's not how she's brought me up to behave in public and I need to go back to school to have an attitude readjustment. Hmmph! It's not my fault!

Meanwhile, we've been practicing meeting different doggies nicely, and what better place than the beautiful and peaceful Mullum Creek Trail? Where we can admire pretty flowers.....

And feathery things who make strange noises...

After all that walking in the wild and overgrown jungles of suburbia, my human has to check me thoroughly for ticks. I figure, since she has to go to all that effort, I may as well donate some of my coat to make her a nice new jumper!

**Note from my human:

For any of you who are interested here is some info on Mullum Creek Trail.

Mullum Creek runs through several suburbs but the section we walk along is in Ringwood, close to Mullum Mullum Reserve. There are also a couple of Mullum Mullum Reserves in different suburbs so here is a map.

Love, Oscar and the gang

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  1. Hi Oscar!

    Playing with that sock looks like such fun...did you steal it? We are sock stealers :p

    We are sorry to hear about your bad experiences with a few not so nice doggies, it's always tough to get your confidence back up when things like that happen!
    But your human is probably right, going back to school for a bit of confidence building will help :) You got to behave well in public so you can look really well behaved in front of all those naughty dogs! :)

    And just remeber that your human will protect you, so you don't need to protect yourself :)

    Have fun!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes